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Marines in Hue City: A Portrait of Urban Combat, Tet 1968

A Portrait of Urban Combat
Tet 1968
by Eric Hammel
Hardcover Edition: $34.95

Over decades of conflict in Vietnam, Hue, the former imperial capital, had been spared. But everything changed on January 31, 1968, the eve of the lunar new year--a national holiday long marked by a mutual ceasefire--when the North Vietnamese launched a massive offensive. In the cataclysm of violence that convulsed South Vietnam during the now-infamous Tet Offensive, Hue was overrun--and the only forces available to counterattack were a handful of Marine infantry companies based eight miles south of the city.

This stunning photographic history chronicles one of the most important battles of the Vietnam War—the savage clash between elite American and Communist troops to hold Hue, the former imperial capital, during the Tet Offensive of January-February 1968. Through nearly 300 photographs taken in the heat of battle, many in color and many never before in print, you can follow the Marines of Task Force X-Ray as, for four excruciating weeks, they fight house to house and street by street to retake a city central to the Vietnamese culture and psyche. The gripping photos and accompanying text complement Fire in the Streets, Eric Hammel's acclaimed narrative history of the battle for Hue.


Leatherneck, June 2007:
“As military historians go, Hammel stands among the very best. His 30-plus volumes dutifully record great Marine battle epics … In reading Marines in Hue City, Marine veterans of the battles of Fallujah, and other Iraq city fighting, will relate through the photographs included in this coffee-table-sized volume … Hammel does an outstanding job of combining the account of the battle with a bevy of new, never-before-published photographic images.”

Military Book Club, April 2007:
“This spectacular book is the first of its kind – an illustrated history of the fierce fight on the streets of Hue which contains over 200 amazing images! Marines in Hue City covers all phases of the battle, from the opening shots and the Marines’ arrival to the ‘six-block war’ and the seizure of the Citadel ... The real diehard MBC members will quickly take note of the detailed city maps of downtown Hue and the Citadel which provide overall context of the battle, and allows them to connect the book’s images with the battle zone. And in addition to describing all the tactics and weaponry used by the Marines, author Eric Hammel provides an extraordinarily detailed caption for every picture. Marines in Hue City is a multi-layered experience every ’Nam buff out there will appreciate.”

The VVA Veteran, May/June 2007:
“[Marines in Hue City] tells the story of the four-week Battle of Hue with concise prose and many strongly evocative photographs. Many are official USMC photos; others are never-before-published pictures taken by individual Marines. It all adds up to an excellent account of one of the Vietnam War’s most pivotal battles.”